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Mattress Cleaning Greenwich CT-How safe is your mattress

Consider how much time you spend sleeping in your lifetime. Since the average person spends approximately one-third of their life sleeping, one has to take into account the condition of their mattress and how it could be impacting their health. This is especially important since an older mattress poses a number of health risks for the unsuspecting individual. At Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT, we can solve your mattress cleaning needs in Greenwich with our powerful steam cleaning technology.

What Are the Risks of an Unclean Mattress for Those With Allergies?

People who have allergies are vulnerable. An aging mattress is more likely to contain allergens. The allergens are slowly released into the air as the person sleeps or sits on the bed. These allergens are then dispersed into the air, and the person inhales those allergens repeatedly. The allergens can cause respiratory problems and set off allergic attacks.

What are the Risks for Those Allergic to Dust Mites?

Dust mites are a major risk factor to consider. The dust mites are drawn to dead skin that has shed from the individual. Dust mites are also commonly spread by pets. People with skin allergies tend to have an allergy to dust mites. Approximately, 10 percent of people with allergy problems are allergic to them. The fecal matter dropped by a single dust mite can exceed 20 droppings a day. The fecal matter is what causes the allergic reaction and a bad odor. In just one day, a person sheds enough skin to feed over a million dust mites.

Mattress Cleaning on Your Own

There are a number of do-it-yourself cleaning methods. The person can clean their mattresses with homemade solutions. Baking soda is a commonly used ingredient in many of these solutions. While this approach can take care of cosmetic blemishes and minor stains, this approach does very little in the way of providing the deep professional upholstery cleaning that most mattresses need. Minor cleaning is ideal for cleaning newer stains.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

The deep cleaning process involves selecting the right chemicals to provide a safe, thorough cleaning. The age of the mattress, its composition and the level of cleaning required are all evaluated prior to the deep cleaning process. This ensures that the gentle chemicals used cause no damage to the mattress and deliver the level of cleaning necessary to remove years of stains, allergens, and odors that may have accumulated in the mattress. The sanitizing and cleaning process could require six levels of treatment in order to accomplish the desired results. Only Eco-friendly products are used during the process, so homes with pets, young children and dust allergies remain safe throughout the process. Once the process has been completed, the mattress will have been vacuumed and steamed by experienced upholstery cleaning professionals.

Professional mattress cleaning frees up your cleaning time. Professional technicians can really get the job done. A sanitary mattress can eliminate many of the health risks associated with frequent contact to high levels of allergens. A thorough mattress cleaning improves the indoor air quality and helps you get a restful night of sleep. Schedule a consultation for a mattress cleaning in Greenwich CT today, and see a difference. You can chat with us, or schedule a cleaning on line or call us at 1-203-653-4675,

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