Greenwich CT Water Damage Repair

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Water Damage and Repair Greenwich CT

When water damage strikes, a quick response can save money. The longer water is allowed to sit of a floor or in your carpets and rugs, the more damage and the more money it can cost to repair or replace. This means that if you are not ready for the possibility of a flood, the damage will have already set in when a flood does strike. It’s a bad place to be in, but understanding what can happen and what you need to do will greatly reduce the amount of water damage you incur and the cost of restoration services. At Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT, we are ready for a emergency response with the training and equipment to start water damage repair and get your house back to normal quickly and at great price. When disaster strikes, call us at 1-203-653-4675.


Some people incur floods from experiencing heavy rain or storm. However, floods can occur for many other reasons, and it can hit people by complete surprise. For instance, if the pipes freeze in a home, it can cause flooding to occur down the road. For example, pipes are typically placed along the walls that adjoins the exterior of the home, which makes the pipes susceptible to freezing. Ice will expand a pipe by nine percent. If it has no space left to expand, it will bust a pipe open. Once a pipe breaks, gallons of water can stream out of the pipe and start to damage your floors, carpets and furniture. If the water is unclean or contains sewage, bacteria can start to grow quickly in your home and lead to mold and mildew growth.

Mold Growth

Mold can begin growing in as little as 24 hours from the time it first enters the home. What’s scary about this is that it spreads rapidly. Water can and will warp different surfaces, like sub flooring or drywall. While some surfaces are easier than others to replace, it can be costly. Mold is nearly impossible to remove in porous surfaces. It can grow behind walls where it’s invisible to the naked eye. We will perform special tests to determine whether mold is present, the extent of the problem and how to best eradicate it.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

The good news is that we use green solutions and methods to remove mold and effectively treat your home of water damage. When mold and other contaminants are present, the last thing you need invading your home are chemicals. We use Eco-friendly solutions to treat mold within the home and return your home back to its original state. Our green-cleaning technology effectively removes stains and odors as well. Once we are finished with cleaning, we will use fans to quickly dry the area and then sanitize the area to kill bacteria.

At-Home Methods

Water damage and water removal require the use of industrial strength equipment, it requires expertise, and it requires the use of non-toxic solutions to eradicate the home of contaminants. The issue with trying to use at-home methods of water removal is that they are ineffective. The amount of water that needs to be extracted, the tests that need to be performed and the special know-how cannot be done by the average person. In addition, water damage can make the home’s occupants very sick. It’s best to leave the matter of cleaning up to us. Our team of certified technicians will effectively treat and repair your home to make it safe for you.

For your water damage and repair Greenwich CT, call us at Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT immediately. Water damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair if it is not dealt with expediently. The more water is allowed to sit, the more costly it will be to remove and repair. Call us today. One of our certified technicians will provide you with a free appointment and quote to get your home back to normal.

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